Download the Draft CEN Resolution (School District)

Encourage your school district to adopt the following model resolution in support of CEN:

WHEREAS, the state’s children constitute “The Promise of Colorado” through their potential as thinkers, leaders and caretakers of their generation and the future; and

WHEREAS, public education is the bedrock of our democracy, fundamental to individual opportunity, the underpinning of thriving communities, and the key to Colorado’s economic prosperity and future; and

WHEREAS, wise and adequate investment in Colorado’s schools is essential to maintaining and improving the competitiveness of Colorado and its students; and

WHEREAS, every child – including those with special needs, those who live in poverty, those who are English language learners, and those who are gifted and talented  – needs great teachers, individual attention, support services, access to technology, meaningful school choices, and broad, high-quality educational opportunities to ensure that they will be prepared for postsecondary education and/or well-paying careers, for lifelong learning, and for success in the 21st century economy; and

WHEREAS, Colorado’s support for elementary and secondary education was $2,685 below the national average in per pupil funding when adjusted for regional cost differences in 2014 (the most current national comparison available); and

WHEREAS, per pupil funding in [District] is [$xxx] below pre-recession levels, when adjusted for inflation; and

WHEREAS, as a result of state budget cuts over the past nine years:

  • Colorado students do not have adequate and/or equitable access to critical educational opportunities, supports, and individual attention;
  • Colorado school districts are unable to hire and support a highly professional teaching force, equitably available to all students;
  • Unintended inequities among districts continue to grow; and

WHEREAS, investing in public education is crucial to ensuring the future health of Colorado’s economy and our state’s competitiveness. Students must leave their public schools ready for success in our 21st century society and ready to fill current and future jobs. With additional resources Colorado could better implement the strategies, programs and supports students need to succeed academically, socially and emotionally; and

WHEREAS, with Colorado’s future and its students’ futures in the balance, the need to address Colorado’s school funding failures at the statewide level is immediate and urgent; and

WHEREAS, the Colorado Education Network is a growing, statewide coalition of individuals and organizations throughout the state who recognize the need for action and are committed to staying informed about, and engaged in, efforts to better invest in the education of each and every Colorado student;


The [school district name] remains committed to the goal of adequate and equitable funding of Colorado public education and hereby joins the Colorado Education Network.